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QuanSheng TG-UV2 Plus 10W Tri-band (2m/350//440) Radio

New Product : QuanSheng TG-UV2 PLUS Tri-band 10W Radio


  • 136-174Mhz 400-470Mhz 350-390Mhz (TX/RX)
  • With FCC certificate (FCC ID XBPTG-UV2PLUS)
  • Conventional circuit
  • 10W output power
  • Large 4000 mAh Battery Strong Penetration with Huge Power Super Strong Flashlight, light up in the night Long Standy, Quick Charge
    * Transmitting Output Power Choose (H/M/L)
    * Receiving CTCSS/DCS Setting (RC)
    * Transmitter CTCSS/DCS Setting (TX)
    * Frequency Deviation Setting (+/-)
    * VOX Function
    * Research CTCSS/DCS Code (RC)
    * Reverse (REV)
    * Voice Scrambler (SCR)
    * Dual-watch Opeartion (DW)
    Frequency Range:                                       136-174Mhz, 350-390Mhz 400-470Mhz
    Frequency:                                                  5PPm
    Sensitivity:                                                  DC7.2V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery )
    Memory Channel:                                       200 Channels
    Antenna Impedance:                                   50 ohm
    Working Manner:                                        Same Frequency Single Operation or Different Frequency Single Operation
    Antenna Dispotion:                                     Inductively Loaded Antenna
    Dimension:                                                 110mm x 56mm x 37mm
    Output Power:                                              10W
    Modulation Mode(Wide/Narrow) :             16KΦF3E/11KΦF3E
    Maximum Modulation Character:               6dB
    Maximum Spurious Radiation:                   <7uW
    Maximum Emission Current:                      <2.8A(H10)
    CTCSS/DCS Deviation(Wide/Narrow):     0.75kH  z ±50Hz,0.37kHz   ±30Hz
    Modulation Sensitivity:                               12mV
    Modlation Distortion:                                  <5%
    Sensitivity:                                                    -122dB (12dB SINAD)
    Audio Frequency Power:                              0.5W
    Audio Distortion:                                         <10%
    Blocking:                                                            ≥85dB      
    Intermodulation (Wide/Narrow):                         ≥60dB    ≥55dB        
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity:                     ≥65dB  ≥60dB    
    Spurious Rejection:                                         ≥65dB    
    Package includes: 
    1× TG-UV2 PLUS 10W Radio
    1× 4000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack
    1× Charger 
    1× Belt Clip
    1× Hand Strap
    1× Antenna
    1× English User's Manual
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